Blind Eye Charity Proceeds

At Blind Eye, we practise what we preach, which is why 100% of the profits from the publication will be equally split between the three charities below.



Anti-Slavery is an organisation that operates throughout the world, including the UK and Europe to end slavery. This is achieved by working with local organisations to achieve freedom for those affected by slavery and to implement laws against slavery. In the UK, some of their main goals are to improve the environment of migrants who are often trapped in modern slavery and to continue fighting for protection for those who are victims of trafficking.

Clean Clothes


“Clean Clothes Campaign is a global network dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment and sportswear industries.” Their mission is to develop strategies that help workers achieve their goals, reduce poverty rates, advocate for women’s rights and educate consumers on where their clothes come from.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)



The RSPCA is a charity that most of us know, as it is nearly 200 years old and is at the forefront of caring for animals in the UK. The charity helps to improve animal wellbeing through rescuing animals, educating owners, working to change laws and aid in prosecuting those who have caused harm to animals.

Additionally, all magazines are produced as ethically as possible with work sourced from small artists, University students, and individuals looking to promote their work.

The magazine is made with recycled paper and did not use any paper during the process of compiling the magazine.