H&M X Masie Williams: Will H&M Ever Learn From Their Greenwashing Mistakes?

Updated: May 11

H&M has never been a firm favourite amongst those who look for sustainable shopping options, in fact, they are not even a contender. So what did their marketing team decide would be a great idea? Hiring Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones star, to be the new ‘sustainability ambassador’ - so what is a sustainability ambassador and why is it Masie Williams?

Image - Free Press Journal

Maisie Williams took to her Instagram account to declare to her 10.6 million followers that she would front the latest H&M initiative. The campaign aims to only use sustainable and recycled materials by 2030.

“It’s time to take action and create more viable production circuits in fashion to protect our planet for the next generation,” said Maisie Williams in a statement on her new role.

Not only has H&M brought Daisy on board, but a whole team of experts to implement a circular and accessible future. Maisie claims that she will be working closely with these experts to shape the future of H&M’s sustainable practises. In total it is predicted that H&M will spend £72 million on green initiatives.

The campaign has kicked off with an impressive advert explaining the explaining the “loop” - technology that refurbished old clothing and turns them into new garments. This campaign could also be seen in the famous game, popular among children, called Animal Crossing. The game implemented a “Loop Machine” which allows users to recycle their virtual game outfits and recycle them.

In addition to H&M, the actress also works with WWF as their global ambassador for climate and nature.

Not everyone is convinced that this partnership was the best idea, for both Maisie or H&M.

Feedback from fans on Twitter has been highly negative, with many claiming the actress is not a sustainability expert and that the money she is earning could be better spent in other areas, such as garment workers wages or on sourcing sustainability materials sooner.

Fans of H&M also cannot deny the facts. In 2019, The Business of Fashion reported that they had an inventory of £2.91 Billion in unsold clothes. In addition to this, H&M have continued to fail their workers across the globe. Based on an interview with H&M 62 garment workers, none of them made close to the living wage that would allow their families to survive and purchase basic needs.

As the second largest fashion retailer in the world and with the funds to implement real change, is this tone deaf or a failed effort to improve their environmental impact? Whatever the intention, it’s safe to say Maisie’s fans are not impressed.

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