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The Uk’s Newest Sustainability and consumerism publication

Blind Eye Publications was born in 2021 with a belief that the explicit and gruesome content that the media and society often ignores should be communicated in a way that the audience understands. 

Merging creative visual communication with academic journalism to reveal the horrifying consequences of consumption within current society. Blind Eye is a bi-annual publication that features modern solutions, captivating visuals and an exploration of what it truly means to be ethical.


Unethical consumerism is an uncomfortable issue as it scrutinises modern western society and its compulsion to consume. Our goal isn’t to judge but to showcase the latest articles, illustrations, graphic designs, poetry and interviews to encourage readers to scrutinise their own behaviours and inspire a wider discussion surrounding consumption.


We believe that talking is the only way to create change, so our main goal will always be to provide an unbiased, yet thought-provoking source of news. The examination of political, environmental, cultural and societal issues

This publication aims to provoke an emotional response to shock people into action, which is why all contents and artworks are created for a mature audience. Learn more about our brand's ethical practices here.